Mens Dreads

Dreadlocks may come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but as your hair type and facial profile is also unique, you’ll suit certain styles better than others.
Dreads for men are one of the most versatile hairstyles. They can be worn short and vertical or long and loose, while medium length dreads and long locs can be pulled up into a man bun, dreadlock ponytail or half up half down style. Dread extensions for guys is a popular way to work with their traditionally shorter hairstyles, adding length which affords many more ways of wearing dreads.
How to make dreadlocks work for you... pick from 20 different male dreadlocks styles to find what suits you best.
Dread extensions male, short dreadlocks, ombre faux locs, blond faux locs, light brown faux locs

Having only very short hair, dread extensions allowed my client to have this two toned ombre look, with a mix of blond faux locs and light brown ones contrasting with his dark brown short dreadlocks.

Dread extensions for men, dreadhawk, dreadlock ponytail

Dread extensions for men tend to be of more value as guys have shorter hairstyles typically. In this case, the minimalist look of a dreadhawk benefits from dreadlock extensions as there is now enough length to play with other dreadlock styles such as this half knot or a dreadlock ponytail.

dreads extensions for guys, dreadlock ponytail, dreadhawk

Dreadhawks are one of the more understated ways to style your locs. For those with short hair, dreads extensions for guys are ideal if you’re wanting a dreadlock ponytail or to be able to use your loc extensions to tie up your other dreads and keep them off your face or neck.

Dreadlock man bun, loc bun styles

The man bun is gaining popularity and can be done as a dreadlocks hairstyle too. You can alternate your loc bun styles by either tying them all up, having a half up half down version or leaving a few out like my client has done here.

Dreadlock mohawk, shaved sides dreads on top

If dreadlocks don’t feel bold enough then you can sport the look of shaved sides dreads on top. With shorter hair becoming popular with men of late, dreadlock mohawks are increasingly being sought by my clients. With fewer locs, adornments stand out even more.

Dreadlocks twist, dread extensions for guys, African dreadlocks, natural dreadlocks

African hair tends to make lots of locs and when short they can be styled like spikes, capturing the 90’s look. Dread extensions for guys with short African dreadlocks is one way to overcome this hair type and gain more length without waiting years for natural dreadlocks growth.

dreadlock mohawk, dreadhawk, dread styles

This style of dreadhawk is a toned-down version of a dreadlock mohawk where both sides of the head are shaved clean. It is one of the more subtle dread styles compared with the full shaven look. On our site you’ll find a variety of dreadlock mohawk pictures to help you find the style that works for you.

Natural dreadlocks, natural dreads, dreadlock sectioning, how to start dreads, dredlocks

Dreadlock sectioning is an important consideration when it comes to how to start dreads. The brick pattern staggers the sections so the locs in a subsequent row fall between the row beneath them. It creates a slightly more groomed look. My client wanted neat dredlocks so this is the sectioning type we went with. Alternatively, the fan pattern of sectioning creates slightly more natural dreads and has no straight lines in it. You can click here to see an example.

rasta dreads, boho locs, dreadlocks styles for men

If you can’t decide between traditional rasta dreads or gypsy, boho locs then why not have the best of both worlds? This dreadlocks styles for men was achieved by mixing up the thickness of the locs, keeping some loose hair out and going with tapered ends. The result is one of the more casual and relaxed dreadlock styles around.

High top dreads, undercut dreads, dreads sydney

During my time at Dreads Sydney I’ve found high top dreads, or undercut dreads, suit people who want a very manageable approach to dreadlocks maintenance, as the short back and sides require less attention than a full head of new dreadlocks. By retaining his sideburns we created this stylish finish.