Dreadlocks Maintenance

The best way to maintain dreadlocks is to enlist a professional loctician

This service is for people wanting to tighten, tidy or repair their dreads.

It involves having new growth and loose hairs pulled into the base of your locs and knotted.

For those with new locks this helps them to mature and to keep them neat and tidy. In my experience, crochet dreads maintenance gives the best results.

To make sure you have healthy, tight dreads that keep looking great we recommend dreadlocks maintenance every 3 months for a more groomed style.

For natural dreads, maintaining dreads is less frequent and entirely depends on the individual.

Caucasian Dreadlock Maintenance

⌦ Dreadlock maintenance on caucasian hair greatly assists the maturity process.

⌦ African hair and islander hair loc much easier.

⌦ Asian hair tends to be produce silky dreads, taking the longest time of the hair types to loc up.

After getting her starter locs maintenance, the client on the left had me add permanent loc extensions for length and to reduce the loose hair effect that happens more with caucasian dreads.

Permanent Loc Extensions Maintenance
Crochet maintenance dreadlocks
Permanent Loc Extensions Maintenance
Crochet loc maintenance keeps extensions neat and strengthens the joint until full maturity

Dreadlock Maintenance Sydney

Time it takes for dread maintenance

A general loc maintenance session is normally done within 2 hours.

It can take a little longer if your hair has been badly matted together or you have several inches of new growth or you have a stack of dreads.

Naturally, if you are only needing partial dreads maintenance it will tend to be quicker. If you only have a few to maintain send me a photo and I'll work out a discounted price for your dreadlock care.

Dreadlock Extensions Maintenance

Often people combine dread maintenance with the addition of dreadlocks extensions or dread wraps.

I also do dreadlock extensions maintenance.

Dreadlocks Maintenance Tips

Do a little each day - one day you might palm roll them, another day you can separate ones that are marrying up, the next day you might apply some products… it all adds up.

Avoid dreadlock wax!

Get regular dread care until new locs have fully matured.

Straight hair dreadlocks maintenance, or well defined sections, means you can work your way through a row a day/week in terms of palm rolling.

Dreadlocks Maintenance Near Me

The Process For

Dreadlock Maintenance

1. Book an appointment or send through a photo to help us determine where you feel your hair is at and what dreadlock hair care you need.

2. Based on the state of your locs (new dreadlocks maintenance or mature dreads) I’ll suggest a course of action, which is normally a general tidy up but in some cases will involve thinning out or thickening up your dreads.

3. Make sure your dreds are completely dry for the maintenance/repair session.

4. During the appointment we will discuss how your hair is travelling and whether there are some techniques you can try or products you might use to get your locs in their best possible shape.

5. Tidy ups involve tightening dreadlock roots, crocheting loose hair into dreadlocks, separating any dreads that have joined, advising you about dreadlock care and making sure you leave with good looking dreads!

New Dreads Go Through A Fuzzy Stage Before Settling Down
Dreadlock maintenance white hair
New Dreads Go Through A Fuzzy Stage Before Settling Down
Getting some starter dreads maintenance helps keep them neat and tidy during the maturity process.
With Each Maintenance Session Your Locs Get Tighter & Neater
After A Tidy Up
With Each Maintenance Session Your Locs Get Tighter & Neater

Maintenance for Dreadlocks

Dread Maintenance--------------------------------------------- $180 (up to 2 hours, $80 per hour beyond that)

Having become very proficient from many years of experience, most maintenance sessions are done within the 2 hour timeframe. Some clients have remarked that although they found a cheaper rate through an amateur service, the much longer period of time they had to sit & get their dreads done didn't really compensate. So when your time is important, consider the value of professional dreadlock services.

Dreadlock Repairs ------------------ $350

The dread repair service is to fix up locs that have been poorly done or have partially unravelled. Note, while I will make them look as good as possible, it’s much better to have them created professionally to start with rather than try and fix up homemade jobs or those done by amateur locticians.

* If you're after dreadlock maintenance Sydney, I offer a mobile service where I come to you.

Starter Locs Maintenance

Starter dread maintenance for your first tidy up is half price ($90) if you have Dreadlocks Sydney create your locs & you get a maintenance session within 6 weeks of your new dreads.

Maintenance of Dreadlocks

Maintenance of dreadlocks ensures you have great looking dreads.

In an image down the page (tight dreadlocks) you'll notice how firm and compressed dreads become.

During the maturity process, regular tidy ups ensure any lumps are dealt with before they get a chance to settle in.

Dreadlock Shampoo

Dreadlock products

Just as peoples hair type and the style that suits varies person to person, so does the need for dreadlock products.

You might find your dread locks get a bit dry or itchy, every scalp reacts differently.

Some people do just fine without any products but most people benefit from them, even if its just a dreadlock shampoo.

We particularly recommend it on new sets while your heads natural oils recalibrate to having dreads.

Not only does dreadlock shampoo keep your locs sweet-smelling, it is designed to aid the maturing process.

Keeping your hair free from oily build up is the fastest way to achieve tight, healthy dreads.

The dreadlock shampoo we sell is Australian made, organic (plant and coconut), chemical free and free from additives or fragrances, making it a great choice for those who are allergy prone.

We also offer an anti-dandruff shampoo for those prone to itchy or flakey scalps.

We carry a range of products and can recommend items that suit your hair type and the maturity of your dreads.
Straight hair dreadlocks maintenance
Tie back with a wrap
Straight hair dreadlocks maintenance
With straight hair, consider using a dread wrap or spiral lock for a different style.

How to Maintain Dreadlocks

During maintenance for dreadlocks feel free to ask about palm rolling, keeping your sections separated, crocheting or rolling out little lumps that might form or anything else that crops up as you have our professional dreadlock maintenance salon accompany you on your journey.

As everyone's hair and dreadlock journey is unique, learning how to maintain dreads is something I can advise you on each step of the way.

This next photo shows Asian dreadlocks. As this hair type is silky by nature it takes a little more time to get them matured. Learn more about hair types of races here

Having gotten new dreads but not done anything to help them mature and leaving maintenance well overdue my client left with his locs in much better shape than when he arrived.


How to Care for Dreadlocks

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