dreadlocks styles
Here the extra body dreadlocks offer allows the client to tie up her dreads for a boho look.
Dreadlock Styles
before and after dreadlocks
Apart from looking great, dreadlocks add so much more volume to your hair.
Before and After Dreadlocks
professional dreads salon
The results you should expect when going to a professional dreads salon.
Professional Dreadlocks
thin dreadlocks
Thin dreadlocks really suit those with fine hair as they look less patchy than thick dreads do when you haven't got masses of hair.
Thin Dreadlocks
locs thinning hairline
Here's an example of how dreadlocks can work for people with receding hairline. The coarser look of dreads takes the focus off the thinning scalp.
Locs Thinning Hairline
thin dreads female
Wispy ends make for a softer, more feminine look than blunted ends.
Thin Dreads Female
asian dreadlocks
Here we have 2 people with Asian hair. This silkier, finer hair type is best suited to the crochet method rather than other types of locking.
Asian Dreadlocks