Dread maintence
Having your locs tied up brings you back to that feeling when they were first put in.
Dread Maintence
dreadlocks maintenance
The more locs you have the longer it takes for a maintenance session. In conjunction for your preference for thickness, I can help you understand your hair types natural suitability.
Dreadlocks Maintenance
Dreadlock Care
It's always a pleasure to do tidy ups for more than one dread loc enthusiast.
Dreadlock Care

Dreadlock Repairs

Dreadlocks Repair
Generally you get a pretty idea when your dreads are getting unruly and need a good tidy up.
Dreadlocks Repair
dreadlock repair
Here's a case where locs have gone from unruly to out of control, unravelling and matting up. Nothing a good loc doctor can't save.
Dreadlock Repair
neglect dreads
The next level of neglect is when dreads haven't been maintained for years and require lopping off, dreading new hair and sewing them back on.
Neglect Dreads