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For those of you wanting to find out more detailed information about our Level 1 & Level 2 Master Loctician Certification programs you’ll find answers to commonly asked questions.


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Dreadlock Training Course Questions

Q: Do You Need A Licence To Do Dreadlocks?

This depends on what country you live in. Take America for example. Each state has different laws. Some don’t have any regulations whatsoever, while others require dread artists to have a special braiding licence, some a full cosmetology license and others require a loctician to lodge a boutique services registration.

In Australia and New Zealand, no license is required to create dreadlocks.

You DO need a license to cut hair someone’s hair, however. Unless you’re wanting to spend a year studying a Certificate 3 hairdressing course (or do a 3-4 year apprenticeship) you’re better off steering people to hairdressers to have work such as shaved sides or colouring done.

Our course focuses on giving you in-depth training solely on dreadlocks as a niche for you to become a specialist in. Having spent a large portion of my career as a hairdresser I can advise you about all matters relating to hair and what you can focus on and what you should leave to a stylist.

Q: How Do People Decide Who To Get Dread Locks From If There Are No Governing Bodies?

Consider how Google, one of the worlds biggest companies operates. They tend to pass over graduates relying on a piece of paper and take on people who impress them through a portfolio of work. Coders who are so passionate that they teach themselves or who create their own initiatives have proven to be more valuable employees than those who have followed the stock standard: school - university - internship path.

So too with dread work. For someone wanting a professional dreadlock service, they will seek out a recommendation from someone they know or else look for reviews of work done, perhaps check out the portfolio of a loctician or initiate some communication to get a sense of their credentials.

On the other hand, if someone isn’t too fussy about the quality of the locs they want, they might let a friend of a friend or a hobbyist do them knowing the end result is going to be hit and miss.

Australia has never followed the litigation crazy approach of the US. Thankfully, common sense wins out here and the onus is on a customer to investigate how experienced and capable a dread artist is before parting with their hard earned money.

Part of the reason for us offering our loctician training is to raise the standard of dreadlock work in the community and showcase just how good groomed, well-loved locs can look.

Q: Do I Need To Register As A Business If I Do Your Dreadlock Training Course?

Not if you’re like most people who want to gain a new skill and organically see where it takes them.

Some people learn how to make dreadlocks just so they can maintain their partner’s dreads or do the odd head of dreadlocks for a friend. Once life circumstances change (for example, their baby grows up, they finish a course of study etc) or they feel more confident, only then do they pursue it as a business.

Once you’ve done the training program, if you then feel that working as a loctician is something you’d really like to do, you’ll need to register your business, which is an easy process in Australia.

Our loctician classes have a strong focus on the business side of things to help set you up for success, whether as a loctician, someone doing a portfolio career or if you’re drawn to a different field altogether. As our economic model moves further away from wage earning and more toward self-employment, our courses are designed to help you flourish in whatever line of work you pursue.

Q: Can I Make A Living Making Dreads?

You certainly can. Like every successful venture, it takes time to blossom and a dreadlock business is no different.

Those who are more practically skilled, good with their hands or the type of person who picks up things quickly tend do well.

Having good people skills and a warm personality helps too. As a loctician you work constantly with people when you are locking hair.

Working in a purely artistic field such as a classical musicians or painters is a tough way to earn a living. Starting dreads for people is a way to express creativity, be it advising people on dreadlock hairstyles option or through adorning them.

Artistic people tend to be famous for overlooking details and being at sea when it comes to business elements. Both these areas need to be handled well if you are to succeed. Like a lot of self-employment, work can come in patches so being able to manage your money is important too.

Loving what you do, enjoying the people you work with, being dedicated, resilient and tending to the everyday details make you much more likely to be able to earn your livelihood from dreadlocking than someone who lacks these qualities.

By studying at our loctician school you’ll meet other loc enthusiasts and get a taste for the types of people you will work with. The dreadlock skills you learn, business savvy you develop and the ongoing support you get will better position you to join the fortunate ones among us who get to meet interesting people and experience a great lifestyle doing dreddies.

Q: What Kinds Of People Want To Learn How To Make Dreadlocks?

All sorts!

Hairdressers who want to branch out into more alternative hairstyling areas such as dreads.

Parents who have significant family commitments and wish to slowly develop a cottage industry to do when their kids are more self-sufficient.

People limited by health conditions that make full-time work too demanding.

Free-spirited types who are looking for an extra skill to barter services for or who want to do a little festival work from time to time, through to those who want to run free courses at events like confest or just gift their skills at places like the burning seed festival.

Just as there are has never been so many different jobs and niche specialisations people can do, there is no typical would be loctician.

Q: How Do I Book My Place In Your Next Loctician Training?

Just give us a call or send through a message via our email or contact form.

The first two people who express their interest will get to stay in our yurt during the dreadlock training course.

Once a date is set that suits those who first book in, we open the program up to others but ensure there are no more than five attending to ensure you get sufficient individual focus.

If you haven’t looked at the training course details on our website you can take a look by following this link.

For any other questions about the program feel free to get in touch.


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