dread extensions for men
This dreadlocks extensions before and after shot gives you an idea as to just how much length dreadlock extensions can give your hair.
Dread Extensions for Men
Ombre Dreadlock Extensions
Ombre dreadlock extensions don't need to be just brown-black blonde-brown. This dyed blue hair with brown extensions creates a unique look.
Ombre Dreadlock Extensions
faux locs
Faux locs can be worn in many ways. The first image shows fully dreaded hair, while the second shows a less groomed look, achieved by leaving some hair undreaded.
Faux Locs
blonde dreadlock extensions
With these blonde dread extensions, leaving a large section of fringe unlocked provides a hybrid look with partially dreaded hair.
Blonde Dreadlock Extensions
thin dread extensions
Whether thin dreadlock extensions or medium ones, dreads look great when they're more than shoulder length, something that extensions let you achieve from day 1.
Thin Dread Extensions
partial dread extensions
Partial dread extensions allow you to leave a bit of loose hair out, have some dread wraps & threads delivering the boho look.
Partial Dread Extensions
Dreadlock Extensions
Here we have one client going with dread extensions to match her natural hair colour, while the other opts to contrast her brunette colouring with blonde dreads.
Dreadlock Extensions