partial dreads hairstyles
Dreadlocks can be worn formally just like normal can.Here we have a braid and other combinations to create a partial dread hairstyle.
Partial Dreads Hairstyles
thin dreadlocks styles
Wearing your dreads up can be practical if you're a snowboarder or a way to showcase your locs as is the style with these thin dreadlocks.
Thin Dreadlocks Styles
half dreads
Here our client has braided her half dreads which look great both tied up or worn down.
Half Dreads
dreadlock hairstyles
Braiding your dreads with a different coloured dreadlock extension achieves another unique look among dreadlock hairstyles.
Dreadlock Hairstyles
dreadlocks styles
Long dreads or having loc extensions gives you endless dreadlocks styles and ways to wear your locs.
Dreadlocks Styles
professional dreadlocks
Here our client shows off her locs tied up and left out. Tying them up helps when you need to look professional.
Professional Dreadlocks
dread extensions for men
Gearing up for a wedding our client asked for some upstyling options to present his locs on the big day. A couple of examples of dread extensions for men.
Dread Extensions for Men