Female Dreadlocks

Dreadlocks may come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but as your hair type and facial profile is also unique, you’ll suit certain styles better than others.
Having done locs for people for over 10 years, I’ve put together a selection of the most popular ways to have new dreads done, so you'll have a little more of an idea when it comes to choosing what direction you can take in your own dreadlock journey.
How to make dreadlocks work for you... pick from 20 different styles to find what suits you best.
Half dreads, Partial dreadlocks

With partially dreaded hair it is easier to tie your locs back. This way you can let some naturally fall and tying back the rest to achieve the half up / half down style.

long dreads with fade, undercut

A popular approach to dreads hairstyles these days is to blend dreadlocks with an undercut or fade. These long dreads are simple and impressive. They also let you sport side swept locs as a style.

hairstyles for female dreads, natural hair locs styles

While there are many natural hair locs styles you can adopt, its hard to go past the classic dreadlock style. Get your dreads done professionally, keep up the after care and these are what you can look forward to. As always, loc extensions can speed up the lengthening process.

Blonde dreads, ombre faux locs

With the ombre hair style becoming such a trend it is only natural that it made its way into the world of dreadlocks as well. This effect can be achieved by dying part of your hair, either at the roots or ends, or in the case of my client here, having me loc her hair and add blonde dread extensions to contrast her naturally dark brown hair.

Types of dreadlocks for ladies, half dreads

With more loose dreads, or partial dreadlocks, fine hair doesn’t look as thin as it would with a standard set of locs. Finding the best dreadlocks hairstyle for you is a combination of choosing the type of look you like and matching this with what suits your hair type.

Dreadlock styles for ladies, Blonde dreads extensions

By keeping a long fringe, half dreaded hair can be the best of both worlds. You can tie up the dreads in a headband to showcase your normal hair or sport this hybrid look. Wanting a variation of the ombre appearance, my client had me put in blonde dread extensions to boost her length and some light brown loc extensions to mix the colouring.

Thick dreadlock styles, thick loc styles

Somewhere between half dreads and full dreads is this three quarter loc style achieved by having a quarter fade or undercut. Thick dreadlocks bring about a bit more of a badass look compared to the softer dreadlock hairstyles seen in some of these other photos.

Thin dreadlocks, Thin dreads female, Small dreads

Thin dreadlocks or small dreads particularly suit hair types such as African hair which has low volume but lots of hair.

Different colored dreads, dreadlocks hair color ideas, synthetic dreadlocks extensions

My client loves having different colored dreads but prefers not to dye her hair constantly. With a preference for synthetic dreadlocks extensions, we mix up her look by changing the colour of her half dreadlock extensions from time to time. Life as a dreadlock hairdresser is always varied!

Partial dreads hairstyles, under dreads

Another partial dreads hairstyles is to have your hair smooth on top and dreaded at the back. An under dread style lets you accentuate your locs as much or as little as you like. My client has only got about a quarter of her hair locked but with the wraps, beads and colours of her dreadlock extensions, her look becomes quite prominent.