Dreadlocks Hairstyles for Women

Once you have new dreadlocks you get to enjoy the myriad ways they can be worn.
You can say a lot about who you are and your personality based on how you choose to wear your dreadlocks. Original, simple or head-turning styles can say more about you than mere words. Ranging from girly hairdos to badass ones, here is a bunch of different ways you can wear your locs. Some of these involve having a good amount of length, which I can give you instantly through dreadlock extensions.
We've put together over a dozen different dreadlock styles you can put your dreads in. We'd love you to send us a photo of a distinct style you've come up with to add to the collection!
Dreadlocks ponytail, dreadlock ponytail styles

It’s amazing how handy a hair-tie can be when styling your dreads. Dreadlock ponytail styles come in different shapes. Take this look, for instance. The beauty of these brown layered dreadlocks is elevated by the half ponytail that they have been tied up in. Yet another quick and easy hairstyle for locs.

underdreads, dreadlock extensions

After my client was enjoying the added length of dreadlock extensions she played around until discovering another way to wear her dreads. Rather than tying them into a dread bun, she has used a few locs to create a knot and then fed the underdreads back up through it to defy gravity.

Loc bun styles, dread bun

Loc bun styles vary depending on the length of your dreads. Whereas long dreadlocks suit a high bun (seen in the dread bun image) to support their weight, medium sized locs like these sit nicely at the back of the head.

top knot dreads, dread band

Here’s how to tie up dreads with a scarf, dread band or hair-tie. Handy if you’re doing something active, it’s something of a reversal of top knot dreads. Just grab all your locs at the crown of your head and tie them up with a dreadband. Fan out your dreads to add more fullness to your look.

Ombre dreadlocks, dreadlock ponytail, dread bun

Here is a super neat look even with long dread locks. This half dreadlock ponytail and half dread bun is complimented by having ombre dreadlocks and some felt dreads which match the whole colour scheme.

Thin dreadlocks, thin dreadlocks styles, short skinny dreads

If you’re looking for thin dreadlocks styles with a bit of pizazz then this is exactly the kind of style that you should try out. Pinning up her short skinny dreads and contrasting with her fringe makes for a unique look indeed.

Under dreads, underdreads, partial dreads

Having partial dreads underneath your normal hair is a versatile style. Underdreads can be accentuated or covered over as the occasion warrants.

Updos for medium length dreadlocks, dreadlock jewellery, wedding hairstyle for dreadlocks

Updos for medium length dreadlocks can create a stylish wedding hairstyle for locs. Here we have the dreads curly or spiralled with a braid adding a special touch to the look as does the dreadlock jewellery.