Dreadlocks Hairstyles for Women

Once you have new dreadlocks you get to enjoy the myriad ways they can be worn.
You can say a lot about who you are and your personality based on how you choose to wear your dreadlocks. Original, simple or head-turning styles can say more about you than mere words. Ranging from girly hairdos to badass ones, here is a bunch of different ways you can wear your locs. Some of these involve having a good amount of length, which I can give you instantly through dreadlock extensions.
We've put together over a dozen different dreadlock styles you can put your dreads in. We'd love you to send us a photo of a distinct style you've come up with to add to the collection!
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When you think of the most natural dreadlocks style, you probably think of a full head of dreads left sitting out like this photo. My client started with a few short thin dreads which evolved into a full set and with real dread extensions she found her ideal length and look.