half dreads
Here we've had our client opt for half dreads - a pretty equal split of shaved scalp and dreadlocks.
Half Dreads
man bun dreads
The image on the left shows how a partial shaved scalp makes it easier to have a dread bun as there is less weight involved.
Man Bun Dreads
Partial Dreads Curly Hair
Here our client has decided to have just a corner of her scalp shaved to mix things up a little. Some shaved scalp and partial dreads tamed her curly hair.
Partial Dreads Curly Hair
Partially Dreaded Hair
Partially dreaded hair can utilise a shaved look, assisting those with receding hairlines who still want to retain their locs.
Partially Dreaded Hair
Half Head of Dreads
A half head of dreads can be done in many ways, such as having your dreads fall over a shaved scalp, providing a unique look.
Half Head of Dreads
Short Thin Dreads
Short thin dreads with shaved sides suit people who want their heads cooler or feel less weight from their hair.
Short Thin Dreads
Partial dreads hairstyles
Partial dreads hairstyles such as having a scalp that is mostly shaved, leads to a more minimalist look for your locs.
Partial Dreads Hairstyles
half dreaded hair
Half dreaded hair can be done with shaved sides to sport a dreadhawk but with some fringe retained for a unique style.
Half Dreaded Hair


Partial Dreads Underneath
Having partial dreads underneath, or underdreads, are often a good taster for people who are not sure if they want to have their whole hair dreaded.
Partial Dreads Underneath
partial dreadlocks
Underdreads allow you to change up the style you sport, either accentuating them by tying up your undreaded hair or covering your partial dreadlocks when wanting to look more formal.
Partial Dreadlocks
For this client who worked in a conservative office environment, underdreads allowed her to not ruffle feathers at work, while expressing her freer self outside the office.
partial dreads female
Adorning your partial dreads helps them standout when you're going predominately with unlocked hair.
Partial Dreads Female


Here's a before & after shot of a client getting his dreadhawk done.
half head of dreadlocks
Both of these clients opted for extensions to give their half head of dreadlocks / dreadhawks that extra bit of length.
Half Head of Dreadlocks
Half Dreadlocks
While both these clients went with half dreadlocks, the first image shows the look you get from having the sides shaved close to the scalp but shorter than normal length.
Half Dreadlocks