About Us

dreadlock artist ginnyWorking as a hair stylist over the last 20 years provided opportunities to travel and work in salons all over the world. Having experienced many cultures, I found my greatest sense of kinship came from the dreadlock community.

As a stylist I noticed clients left feeling happier about  their external appearance. But when I began working with dreadlock clients, I noticed there was a sense of contentment when they arrived, because they liked who they were internally. While they were all unique, they tended to value similar things such as open mindedness, independent thinking, mutual respect, appreciation, simplicity and community.

Having become drawn to the authenticity of dreadlock enthusiasts, I have spent the last 5 years focusing my work on dreadlocking. Having been inspired about how service focused many of them were, I have retrained to become a youth worker and now split my time between dreadlocking and working with young people.

Live for yourself and you will live in vain; Live for others, and you will live again. ― Bob Marley


Unlike hair styles which can be changed every few weeks, dreads take time to fully mature. Many cultures associate growing dreadlocks with the patience and dedication it requires to take the journey of the mind, heart and spirit.


One of the greatest satisfactions of my work is being able to continually connect with clients and share where our adventures have taken us since we last met.


As Elizabeth Gilbert once mused, 'This is what intimacy does to us over time. It causes us to inherit and trade each others stories. This, in part, is how we become annexes of each other, trellises on which each others biography can grow.'


I look forward to sharing our stories and delighting in the dreadlock journey together.

~ Ginny

Here are some images of our clients who have grown their dreads over many years... a testament to the rewards of patience!

long dreadlocks

Community Support


Part of the proceeds from our services goes to supporting entrepreneurs create or expand businesses they are operating in developing nations.

Kiva is a great example of how Wikinomics and collaboration is making for a better world. Since launching the worlds first person-to-person micro lending website they have facilitated over $550 million in loans to people. To learn more about the work they do visit their website or else take a look at this TED talk.  Click here to watch it.

As part of their “Dreams are Created Equal” series (click here), you can read about the amazing transformations in peoples lives, thanks to small acts of generosity all over the world.

Triple Care Farm

We also support Triple Care Farm which offers a residential treatment program for young Australians grappling with homelessness, substance abuse, mental health issues or behavioural problems. Click here to watch an ABC segment about the program. 

community support