Dreadlock Maintenance and Dreadlock Repairs

A service for people wanting to maintain their dreadlocks. It involves having new growth and loose hairs pulled into the base of your locs and knotted.

For those with new locs this helps your dreadlocks to mature naturally and to keep them neat and tidy.

We recommend maintenance every 3 months for a more groomed style.

For natural dreads maintenance is less frequent and entirely depends on the individual.


A general root maintenance session is normally done within 2 hours.

It can take a little longer if your dreads have been badly matted together or you have several inches of new growth or you have a stack of dreads.

The Process
1. Book an appointment or send through a photo to help us determine where you feel your dreads are at.

2. Based on the states of your locs I’ll suggest a course of action, which is normally a general tidy up but in some cases will involve thinning out or thickening up your dreads.

3. Make sure your dreads are completely dry for the maintenance/repair session.

4. During the appointment we will discuss how your dreads are travelling and whether there are some techniques you can try or products you might use to have your locs in their best possible shape.

New Dreads Go Through A Fuzzy Stage Before Settling Down
Before Maintenance
New Dreads Go Through A Fuzzy Stage Before Settling Down
With Each Maintenance Session Your Locs Get Tighter & Neater
After A Tidy Up
With Each Maintenance Session Your Locs Get Tighter & Neater
Dreadlocks Sydney Maintenance Price
Dread Maintenance---------------------------------------------- $180 (up to 2 hours, $80 per hour beyond that)

Dreadlock Repairs ------------------ $350

The repair service is to fix up dreadlocks that have been poorly done or have partially unravelled. Note, while I will make your dreads look as good as they can do, it’s much better to have them created professionally than to have fixed up homemade locs or those done by amateur lociticians.
Take a look at our Youtube video to learn about some common mistakes people make when getting their dreads done.
At Dreadlocks Sydney we've worked with enough people to learn that dreads represent much more than just a hairstyle for many people. You can read about some personal stories our clients have shared about what getting locs has meant to them.