Dreadlock Extensions Sydney

Dreadlock extensions are permanently installed using the crochet method, to give you longer locs right away instead of waiting years for your dreads to grow. Using dreadlock hair extensions to provide longer length helps create a smoother, cleaner look. Long dreadlocks simply look great. Having more hair mass allows you to be more creative and create unique looks.

For those looking to gain instant length we first lock your hair and then sew in, or crochet dread extensions. It tends to take as long to do dread hair extensions as it does to loc the hair.

Some clients opt to have us give them a new set of dreadlocks and then a few months later decide to have us put on loc extensions to give them added length.

Professional Dreadlocks

The portfolio section of our site has a gallery of photos from clients who've had extensions.

We offer both human hair dreadlock extensions or synthetic ones. They are custom-made to your specifications and ready to install at your appointment. You are also welcome to bring your own instead of having us create them for you.

Extension dreadlocks can be added to most locs, at any age of maturity. They are attached solely using the crochet method. No thread or glue is involved.

We’ve done dread extensions for guys and gals for over 10 years now. There is really no substitute for experience and being so passionate about what we do we like to think we have mastered the art to giving people natural looking dreadlock extensions.

Dreadlock Hair Extensions: Re-Attachment Service

If you have regretted cutting off your dreads and still have them, I can reattach them by creating new dreadlocks for you and then crocheting your old locs to the new knots on your head.

We use the same crocheting process so you can rest assured you’ll walk away with great looking, natural dreadlock extensions.

Dread extensions for men

The Process For Dread Extensions

1. Book an appointment or phone/text/email to discuss what you’d like to have done.

2. Choose from one of two options for permanent dreadlock extensions: human hair dreadlocks or synthetic dreads? Further down this page we list the benefits that synthetic dreadlock extensions offer as well as the merits of human dread extensions.

3. Decide if you’ll source the extensions or you’d like me to custom make them. We can discuss the thickness of the dreads to suit your hair. I have pages with styles that show dreadlock extensions for men and women, so you can get an idea of the options available.

4. If you are having new dred locks done, avoid using any conditioners, gels or products that leave residue in your hair. The drier your hair the faster it is to dread your hair (important when you’re getting locs & permanent dread extensions put in during one sitting) and the stronger your locs will be.

For length and body, extensions are the way to go.
Dreadlock extensions before and after
For length and body, extensions are the way to go.
Dread extensions give you many more options when it comes to styling your locs
Lots more volume
Dread extensions give you many more options when it comes to styling your locs

Dreadlock Extensions Price List

Dreadlocks Sydney Extensions Price
*Prices are for labour and do NOT include the cost of the hair. If you are getting extensions to start new permanent dreadlocks, these prices are in addition to the applicable rate for new dreads covered in our page

“New Dreadlocks.”

Full Set /Half Set/ Underside/Dreadhawk---------------------------------------------- $500 (up to 30 extensions of no more than 40cm in length)

Package Deal * Dreadlocks with extensions ------------------ $1200 (full set of dreadlocks, attaching up to 35 extensions being 40cm in length, sourcing and dreadlocking human hair for you).

Dreadlock Re-Attachment (onto already locked hair) --------------------------------------------- $20 per dread (you provide your old dreadlocks)

Attaching Single Dreadlock Extensions (onto already locked hair) --------------------------------------------- $20 per dread (you provide the extension or else $35 if I provide it)

Dread Extension Creation (product only) --------------------------------------------- $350 for 30 dread extensions being 40cm in length - human hair & or synthetic)

* I work out of my home but also offer a mobile dreadlocking service. This involves a travel fee of $100 for travel up to 120 kms. For 120+ kms, contact me for a travel cost estimate.

How many dread extensions for a full head?

Dreadlocks Extensions

Dreadlock Questions
Want to find out more about dreadlock extensions?

Our “dred-ucation” Q&A page covers the following extensions related questions:

When can dreadlock extensions be added?

How are the extensions attached?

How long do loc extensions last?

Can you wash dread extensions?

How long should my hair be for dreadlock extensions?

Do Loc extensions grow?

Can you dye human hair dread extensions?

How much does instant locs cost?

How many dread extensions for a full head?

What are synthetic dreads made of?

What is the difference between synthetic, human hair dread extensions and wool ones?

I’ve been told African hair is the easiest to dreadlock. What’s the score on getting dread extensions for white guys, asian dreadlocks etc?

Do extensions require much care?

Is there any reason not to get partial dread extensions?

Can I get dreadlock extensions in Australia from local hair?

How long will it take to get them put in to my hair?

Human Hair Dreadlock Extensions or Fake Locs / Synthetic Dreadlock Extensions. What kind of hair to use for dreadlock extensions.

Human Hair or Synthetic Dreadlock Extensions
One of the benefits of having real hair dreadlock extensions is that they are a little softer and more malleable than synthetic dreads when it comes to things like tying them up.
For those people who like to dye their hair and experiment with different looks, then it is important to know that only human hair loc extensions can be dyed whereas synthetic dreadlocks can’t.
Synthetic dreadlock extensions have advantages just as real hair ones do. Fake dreads tend to have less fly away hairs than human hair extensions, meaning they require a little less maintenance and look a touch neater.
Synthetic dread extensions tend to be more durable than human ones. While both types are permanent, if you’re prone to bleaching your real hair extensions you might find that doing this too often can weaken them, which isn’t an issue with synthetic locs.

Dreadlocks how to do them right so you can add great looking dread extensions

Take a look at our Youtube video to learn about some common mistakes people make when getting their dreads done.
Take a look at our portfolio or gallery of images showing dreadlock extensions before and after, different styles to wear your dread extensions, how much length permanent dreadlock extensions can give you and much more.