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How to make dreadlocks (not!)

It's not that easy to make your own dreadlocks, especially if you’re after a quality result. You wouldn’t watch a youtube video on tattooing and do it yourself, so why carry out an equally crazy experiment on your hair?

After realising that making organic dreadlocks is a craft, we often get people call us in to repair the damage. Some home jobs can be fixed, whereas others have to lop them off and start from scratch.

Just as risky as DIY's gone wrong, is the affliction of amateuritis. Here is a typical message we get about a cheap dreadlock job gone bad:

“I have wanted dreads since I was 15, and was finally gutsy enough to have it done now that I am 30. Turns out, it is horrific! I have literally 13 sporadic ones throughout my hair. They are flat, all different widths on a single dread. What I actually wanted was my hair partially dreaded in thin locks, and a slightly grown out look. Instead, I got a head full of beeswax that won't come out of my non-dreaded hair, and a severe case of post-dready depression. Are you able to help me? Pleeeeease!!!!”

The image below is of a DIY experiment before we loved her hair into locs.

dreadlock repair

This link contains further information about dreadlock maintenance.

This link contains reasons why you should have your dreads created professionally.

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