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We create natural dreadlocks without the use of wax or chemicals. After getting your dreads off to a great start we advise you how to help them mature, offer natural, organic products to enhance the development of your dreads and can continue working with you to foster their growth.


If you already have dreads and are finding they have become a little messy we can make them look fantastic again! We also offer dreadlock extensions.

Why Dreadlocks Sydney?

No matter what service you seek out, there is no substitute for expertise. I have been working professionally with hair for almost two decades. Knowing how to work with different hair types and which technique to use makes a real difference. Having done a lot of maintenance for clients I see some pretty rough dreadlocks that amateurs have attempted, not to mention home jobs gone wrong!


If you’re going to undergo a fairly permanent hair style (that you might keep for years) then make sure they’re done professionally. Deciding on who does your dreads is similar to deciding who might do a tattoo, only difference being that tattoos can usually be hidden, whereas dreads cannot.



In our youtube era, home jobs appeal in part, due to being so cheap to do. But apart from the high risk of your dreads looking cheap, you have to also weigh up how valuable your time is. One client called us after having invested 18 hours (while juggling two young infants) only to discover that it actually cost more for us to fix her dreadlocks after we combed out the mess and started from scratch. Perhaps even more disappointing, are the home jobs that can’t be salvaged and need to be shaved off, then wait 6 months to try again.

What about using an amateur? With the advent of weekend and even online courses teaching how to dreadlock, a number of people offer cheap dreadlocking services. The rationale is that the customer saves a few dollars, in exchange for either being a dread guinea pig, or accepting a mediocre outcome. There is a good reason why most people go to a hairdresser to get their hair done, as they know they’re getting someone who has spent many years training & gained invaluable experience, as opposed to having a make shift hairdresser who has read a book, experimented on friends or perhaps watched a few youtube clips.

So too, it takes years of experience to understand such things as your hair type and what thickness of dreadlock will suit you best. Styling the dread is important in terms of fringes, taking into account your face shape, whether you want your dreads to sit on your natural parting or against it etc etc. Being able to manage different hair types is not something you can gain from a weekend course!

As one of our clients shared with us,


I’m so glad I went with you! This has turned out to be third time lucky after my own attempt failed & then I paid for a cheap job which was just as bad. I wish I didn’t waste a couple of years having to shave & regrow my hair. Finally I’m happy now that they look great, thank you so much.

In addition to taking great pride in my work I have worked with a lot of avant-garde styles and can help with bringing some creative flair to your dreadlocks.

A number of locticians are nomadic, traveling from place to place. I've been servicing the Sydney region for the past two years and have no intention of leaving this beautiful part of the world. Dreads can take up to a year to fully mature, especially for Caucasian hair which has to be particularly re-educated. Knowing I will work with you until your dreads are well established is another great reason to work with us.

The following initial email from a client captures the frustration and disappointment of having gotten an amateur job. He works in a position where he has to regularly meet with customers who regard his appearance as important:

I have had dreads in the past but had to take them out for work reasons back in April this year so I painstakingly unpicked them by hand to keep the length. Last weekend I visited a loctician to have them put back in using the natural and crochet method of course but I am really disappointed with the outcome :-(  I like my dreads thin and neat and wanted it sectioned to have between 40-50 like I had before and I have ended up with 63. Some are ridiculously small! I think there are a few that could be joined and that will be ok. There are a few that ended up quite short due to some sections of my hair being shortened by breakage I guess when I picked the old ones out but nothing I can live with and they are definitely dreadable.
I would like to make a time as soon as you are available to do some maintenance please. Basically she did an average job of pulling all the hair from each section into each dread so I have quite a few stray hairs that need to be pulled in. Also they are very soft in parts down the dread where they are barely locked at all and not locked as far as they could be down to the ends. I know they take time to mature but having had them before and going through the process I know that what I have is not what it could and should have been. Hopefully you can fit me in for a couple of hours of needed attention. I have been desperate to get my dreads back as am really keen to get them up to scratch and get the maturing process going properly. I really look forward to hearing from you!

And yes, we have fixed his dreads and he joined the ranks of our many satisfied clients.

Take a look at our pictures of dreadlock styles, dreadlock services we offer, learn more about us or simply get in touch for a booking or further enquiry.


female dreadlocks before and after

 I love my dreads, thank you so much for doing them. I feel like dreads are just right for me, I should have gotten them years ago Laughing

Social artists describe conscious living as that of supporting people who live sustainable, ethical and authentic lives. In addition to working as a dreadlock artist, I nurture the growth of the next generation as a youth worker. As I advocate supporting communities beyond our immediate ones, part of the proceeds from my services goes to support entrepreneurs from developing countries via Kiva. I also support the work of Triple Care Farm.


"We must become members of a new race, overcoming petty prejudice, owing our ultimate allegiance not to nations, but to our fellow men within the human community." - Haile Selassie