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Natural dreadlocks can be styled any way you like. In this case, our client has opted to retain her fringe, leading to a softer look.

When it comes to choosing the thickness of your dreadlock you can either go with your hairs natural preference, or your own.

The client above was suited to more thin-medium dreads, while these next two found medium-thick dreads more appropriate.

Just as very curly hair can be hard to manage, so too is very fine hair which tends to lack body, limiting what you can do with it. In this next image, our client remedies this by getting dreads and extensions for extra length.

While there is no age restriction when it comes to getting dreads, we have politely declined a request to dreadlock a two year old. Between getting one that little to sit still and the prospect of a very sensitive scalp, it would have been quite the challenge.

In this initial photo we have a couple of primary school boys. The first was driving his mother mad in terms of the constant need to brush out his knots, something he wasn't overjoyed about either. The lower maintenance provided by dreads has worked out well for both of them. The far image is of our youngest dreadster, a nine year old who became convinced by third grade that he must have dreadlocks. After taking some time to grow his hair the big day finally arrived.

It’s not all that unusual for people to notice something of a change in their personality after getting dreads, be it a little more confidence or pluck.

Dreads are proving quite popular with teenagers, as they go through the natural development of finding their identity.

While we have created dreads on just about every age group, including those in their 60’s, we find a lot of interest from people at the midlife stage, who have yearned for a long time to release their alternative side and finally feel ready to take the plunge!

Here we have another client who had dreamt of having dreads for many years. In this case, she's had us put in some extensions as well, to assist with added length.

It is important to understand that dreads are a process and they will go through a messy stage. That said, it is reasonable to expect that in less than a week, they shouldn’t end up like this before shot. While her loctician carried out some crocheting, there was a bit too much reliance on rolling and waxing the dreads. Hence her dismay at how undone many became and how they remained puffed out, rather than sitting neatly down. Between fixing them up and giving her a range of cuffs and beads to achieve a Rasta look, her dread journey has really begun.

The following dreadlocks are a prize example of bringing dreads back from the brink. A hairdresser had been attempting to maintain the locs but without any experience with dreads found it overwhelming. Finding that some were only holding on by a few strands  and the rest a matted mess she was close to cutting them off before making a last ditch attempt to see if we could restore them to their former glory. Having grown very fond of her dreads, the client was thrilled to have them salvaged.

Having only had her dreads for a couple of weeks, this first image shows a salon job gone terribly wrong. The client went for a softer look with the top half of her hair dreaded and the rest left natural. We have repaired a number of people whose bungled dreads have fallen apart, but never this quickly! The after images show them fixed up and made more colourful after the addition of some wraps and beads.

Here we have a case of a client using an amateur attempt his dreads. As time has gone on most of the dreads haven't locked. The situation was made more difficult by the fact that the dreads are very thin. In this case we repaired the soft dreadlocks that remained, while installing fresh ones for the new growth and dreads which fell apart.

Dreadlock extensions are an easy way to lengthen your hair without having to wait years for your dreads to grow. For more information about dreadlock extensions, take a look at our services section.

 After farewelling her plain hair, our client opted for blonde extensions to contrast with her natural hair colour. Gaining such great length, she was able to wear her dreads in this beautiful plait.\n

This next example gives an indication of how getting dreadlocks can be a great way to tame frizzy, hard to manage hair. Instead of having to keep cutting it short for manageability, dreads first tamed it, before dreadlock extensions gave her length. \n

These next two examples illustrate how dreads, aided by extensions, help give a great deal more body to fine, thinner hair types.

It’s not just with dreadlocks, where you get what you pay for, the same goes for dread extensions. Take this next example, where we received the following enquiry:\n\n“I recently had dread extensions put in and they’re already coming out! I messaged the person who did it, saying that with the amount of money I paid, I’m not happy that it hasn't even lasted a week. She didn’t reply :(  I’m wondering if you would be able to save them?”\n\nSo save them with did! 

The combination of shaved hair and dreads is gaining popularity of late. In this first shot, our client has opted with replacing his faux hawk with some dreadlocks and extensions. They've proved to be the perfect accompaniment for his DJing work.

Dreadhawks are a good option to take if you're wanting dreads, but in a more understated way. Extensions gave this client some extra length and enabled more options in how to wear them.

Here we have a client with shaved back and sides to achieve the full dreadhawk effect. The second has shaved sides to achieve a partial dreadhawk.\n\n

A popular summer option is to shave some of your hair and dread the rest. In the first two photos, we have some folks opting for a mix of dreadlocks, wraps and beads, to finish up with a more tribal look, ready for the festival scene. In the final image, our client has had his entire head shaved, with the exception of his eight, super long dreddies.

It's easy to maintain another hair colour and still have dread locks - just one more benefit to having an experienced hair stylist working on your dreads! In this example, we have our clients natural brown hair coming through at the roots, while her dreadlocks are blonde. After giving the dreads some much needed maintenance and then dying the hair, they are good as new.

If you're a bit worried of what the boss might think of you getting dreadlocks, you can either get professional looking dreadlocks or simply just have dreads underneath your hair in this work-by-day, party-by-night style.

Having the sectioning of your hair kept neat and tidy ensures that dreads won't matt into each other and it keeps your dreadlocks looking presentable. Typically, dreads take time to really mature. We recommend a dread maintenance session 8-12 weeks after you have them done and then every 3-4 months until they are really mature. Here is an example of how dreads can get a little messy and how fab they come up after we have maintained them. 

With a range of accessories such as wooden or glass beads, wraps and other decorations, we can infuse some creative flair into your dreadlocks. Here our client has chosen an Autumn theme with a mix of coloured (dyed) dreads, a wrap & some beads.

Partial dreads are becoming increasingly popular, proving that dreads don't have to be an all or nothing hairstyle. Some of our clients start off with just a couple of dreadlocks to see how they like them. Be warned though, as the style grows on them, many come back for a few more each visit.

Single dreads are another taste tester as well as offer the opportunity for a dash of colour and flair.

Like so many people we meet, our client had been contemplating dreadlocks for quite some time. With medium length hair, she opted with extensions to give her that boost of length. Wanting the dreads to reflect her outgoing personality, she gave us creative license to funk them up with an assortment of wraps and beads. The following photos reveal some of the different ways you can wear partial dreads be it neat and tied up to accentuate them, or more loose and wild.

We also make funky dreadlock extensions which we can sew into your hair as well as a range of wraps and threads. This next photo shows the ombre style which I've made out of felt and attached to my partial dreads.

Ultimately, the style you adopt is limited only by your imagination!